30 Sep
Nitrogen Inflation - Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever had a dish that you cook at home, at a restaurant, and it tasted better than usual? There is something that gives it the upper edge when compared to your dish, but you can’t seem to figure it out. Extra touches enhance the performance (here, taste) of any product.

This is similar to when you choose what air to fill your car tyres Newark up with. The air that you use to fill up your car tyres is the air you breathe, which has a composition of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% of other elements. An extra step by you, to fill your car tyres Hucknall with nitrogen gas can improve your car’s performance and maintenance requirements. This can be your extra addition to the recipe of a smooth and safe drive.

Nitrogen is no different from other gases. It expands and contracts with a change in temperature. This means that when temperature changes, the air inside the tyre expands and contracts as well.

In this article, we’ve discussed the importance of this natural gas and how it can help you maintain your tyres as well.


  • Nitrogen     is similar to other gases and is affected by the external     temperature. You might need to check and fill your tyre according to     the season. When it’s winters that we’re talking about, the air     in the tyre contracts and decreases the pressure. You need to refill     your tyre, in this condition, to achieve your car’s best     performance capabilities.    

  • Similar     to oxygen, nitrogen can pass and escape through the tyre as well.     It’s just that it does so comparatively slowly than oxygen.    

  • Corrosion     doesn’t take place in nitrogen-filled tyres as it doesn’t     approve the presence of moisture in the tyres. Yet, some amount of     oxygen is able to pass through tyre due to atmospheric pressure.     Thus, corrosion does take place due to this, but it’s a slower     process than corrosion is in tyres filled with normal air.


  • Nitrogen     is a more stable and cooler gas than normal air. This helps maintain     the temperature in the tyres, when driving, that otherwise would’ve     fluctuated if it were filled with normal air. This makes     nitrogen-filled tyres adequate for driving in hot conditions and is     used in the tyres of racing cars as well.    

  • Use     nitrogen in your tyres if you drive on the motorway for a long time.     It helps maintain the overall temperature of the tyre, making it     adequate for long drives and inter-city journeys.


  • Nitrogen     isn’t free like oxygen, and the cost of filling your tyres with it     should be put into consideration.   

  • Nitrogen     inflation stations are not available everywhere and you might have     difficulty in searching for it, depending on where you are. You     should not compromise on any level with your tyres and only get it     filled from a genuine station.

Adding an extra touch can help your tyres to stay cool for longer and increase their life as well. The wearing off process is slower in a nitrogen-filled tyre due to a cooler air composition inside. It is suggested that you fill your car tyres with nitrogen before going for a long drive, as this will keep your tyre cool, and keeping this in mind will also make sure that you check your tyres before leaving for your trip.

If you still have some doubts or need assistance with nitrogen inflation of your tyres Arnold, contact us at Farnsfield Auto Centre. Our experts are sure to provide you with the best pieces of advice, as well as assist you solve all your tyre Hucknall issues.

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